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Embedded Consulting
Competence-for-hire with custom digital solutions and micro-services tailored to specific process automation and digitization needs. This includes designing, coding, and implementing software that integrates seamlessly with existing systems and environments.
IoT Infrastructure & Solutions 
Development of IoT-born solutions, hardware & firmware for data collection & processing. We offer custom application development, cloud integration of event-driven service configuration and speed to customers seeking controls, monitoring and edge solutions.
Cloud Solutions & Architecture
Design and implementation of scalable cloud infrastructures to enhance data accessibility and business agility. Tailored solutions for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments to optimize cost, performance, and security.
Micro-Service Development & Integration
Development and integration of small, autonomous services that collectively create powerful applications to handle simple or complex tasks and communicates with others services.
Big Data & Advanced Analytics
Empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimizing operations and uncovering new opportunities. With expertise in complex analytics, our team delivers scalable solutions that transform raw data into a valuable asset.
AI and Machine Learning Implementation
Development and application of tailored AI and machine learning solutions, configured to meet customer-specific needs. We leverage MLOps, DevOps, and AIOps methodologies, and we ensure seamless integration, efficient operation, and continuous improvement of AI systems
API Development
Development of robust and scalable APIs using technical frameworks such as REST and GraphQL. We offer seamless integration and communication between different software systems, enhancing interoperability and data exchange, with unwavering focus on security.
Cyber Security & Data Protection
Ensuring the security of digital assets and protecting data from unauthorized access and cyber threats - from connection to transmission, to warehousing using MQTT & other proprietary protocols.

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