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Real-time data, streamlined workflows and powerful analytics. AEDDIX™ is focused on building digital solutions for a variety of industries, providing disruptive and innovative services to our partners!

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Our Trusted Industry Partners

Bierol goes Digital with AEDDIX™

Our new brewery is using AEDDIX™' digital beer services on 15 fermenters & our taproom. The team has been hard at work, providing innovative solutions and was supportive throughout the development process. The technology is simple to use, and is a game changer to our operations. We look forward to a continued partnership with AEDDIX™!

Christoph Bichler
CEO at Bierol

A digital pocket knife in the making

Our comprehensive platform will propel your business to digital space! Data-centric and real-time, AEDDIX™ brings to its customer a digital experience to create inter-customer engagement and value.

Cloud-Based Services

Bring data centralization and transparency to your business operations and monitor activity in real-time. No software required. No muss, no fuss!

Real-Time Analytics

Get to the bottom line of business operations from anywhere, anytime.  

Vertically Integrated

Pay as you go. Own, and leverage your data towards unexploited value and adopt exciting features as they are released!

Cloud Native


Manage your business from any device, anywhere. Seamlessly coordinate your team access, and maintain operational transparency. Monitor and control your assets - from industrial processes to digital operations - with AEDDIX™.


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