No Diggity 1 - the first AI NEIPA in the world, maybe!?

April 6, 2023

No Diggity 1 - Not just a NEIPA…

Collaboration is key to innovation – and working with Bierol is a natural fit. Our first team play resulted in a NEIPA, not just hazy AF but standing proud in its own 330ml sleeve as our business card. While our SaaS company continue to evolve and our hoppy affiliations continue to grow, we will remain attentive to our customer needs and continue to draw inspiration for the many challenges SME markets face, and use our thirst for problem solving to fuel a new generation of integrated digital services.

The emergence of AI/ChatGPT...

With tools like ChatGPT around, it’s fair to say the game has changed. We’ve explored a many features of OpenAI’s golden child and like most people who care to think forward, it’s inspired us to look ahead. With Bierol and our Canadian friends at Siboire, a somewhat provocative "AI Recipe" was created using a hoppy prompt and a few juicy emails. The result was a first human-enhanced AI recipe combining Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops. The result was a hazy, juicy beer with a tropical flavor profile that exceeded our expectations. Not perfect, but not at all bad!

So what started as a simple business card project has now turned into a side hustle we are truly excited about and psyched to iterate upon. We have decided to not only lean in, and keep exploring new digital brewing solutions and products – but also to inject our DNA sequence into the very fruits of those services. As a tech company, we are committed in demonstrating the possibilities of using our technology to improve the brewing process and even create new beer styles.

More AI NEIPA to come!

Indeed, we plan to use our NEIPA as a seeding run in this journey, and we might see different hops, yeast strains, and adjuncts reflected in future No Diggities! We will continue exploring how technology of our own, can blend into the brewing process as well as the entire commercial lifecycle of our products & services.

What a time for we live in! Expect from us periodical insights on our journey and visit us to keep up on what’s new!

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